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  • PAPER: Oil colour on canvas
  • DATE: 15 April 2020
  • Category: ART, RETOUCH, OIL
  • SIZE: 50x70

Key Art For The Heart

Organ of the body

The heart is one of the very important organ in our body Most of people don't know the value of the heart But I am one of the people who wish to have a healthy heart because i live with congenital heart disease from birth but i never complained of my destiny Yes i have a weak heart but i have enough place to hold love and a hope of living on I like to enjoy life I love nature and everything alive and i like myself too I believe in miracles In this painting the heart represent my heart and my heart disease The branch and the leaf going out from the heart represent faith of living and love. And discribe my love to and everything alive The blue bird is me The blue colour represent hope and the bird represent freedom The rainbow colours in the bird tail represent my name because my name meaning is rainbow colours Enjoy your life and never complain. Elvina Awwad