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  • Paper Ink on canson
  • Date: 30 April 2020
  • Website: elvina.live
  • Category: Art, Retouch
  • SIZE: 35x50

How much do we use the eye in our hearts?

The heart is one of the most basic organs that gives us life at the same time gives us emotions .The emotions are formed in our brain but each one passes through our heart and there is an eye in our heart. This eye provides us to see the emotions that our brain transmits to us. The heart eye allows us to see our love cleanly and clearly. if everyone looks at the world with heart eye, the world will be perfect.Nature and people are United.Nature gives life both the world and us . Nature gives life to us and to the world.Use the heart eye when looking at nature do not harm nature. Dont forget Love nature ,love life ,love all living things .Love Yourself most importantly and look at the world with the eyes of the heart then you will see everything cleaner and clearer, most importantly you will feel life.